Download Center Frequently Asked Questions

What is Small Business University?

You may be for familiar with the previous name of the program: the Service Contractors Business Presentation of the Month. This new program has the same goal; just a different name. It was designed to provide business owners with a continuous supply of cost-saving, profit-increasing information from top business speakers across the country.

Why am I only hearing the first five minutes of the presentation?

When you first enter the download center, you are in the Preview Mode, which allows you to hear 5-minute samples of any program in the download center. To have access to the full presentation, a login is required. Those new to the program will have to become subscribing members. If belong to an association or buy from a distributor who is providing this content through their website, contact them for a FREE registration code. This will allow you to create your own Once logged in, you will be able to listen to and download the full program.

Why do I have to login?

The Small Business University Audio series is available to subscribing members. In many cases, distributors, manufacturers or associations pay the subscription fee and make it available to their customers/members. Logging into the system allows only subscribers to have full access to these company-changing programs. Non-subscribing visitors can listen to, or download, a sample of each program only. Non-subscribing visitors can purchase an individual subscription to the download center by contacting Grandy & Associates at 800-432-7963.

What is the Register icon for?

The first time you visit the download center, you will have to create your own username and password. To do this, you will click Register and enter the registration code given to you by your distributor or association. If you are not associated with a subscribing organization that provides you access to the download center, you can ask them to make it available to you. For them to do so, they will need to contact Tom Grandy at 800-432-7963. If you would like to purchase a subscription to the download center for yourself ($24.95/month), you can do so by contacting Grandy & Associates at 800-432-7963. (You can cancel at any time. Lengthy subscriptions are not required.)

I forgot my Username or Password. What do I do?

If you have forgotten the username or password you created, simply click on Login to get to the login screen. Then click Forgot Password or Forgot Username. The system will automatically send you the email address you used when you created your username and password. You will then have the opportunity to create a new password if needed.

Why did you change the platform from the original version of the Service Contractors Business Presentation of the Month?

We have made substantial upgrades to the delivery platform and could not incorporate all of those changes into the old system. The new download center allows for many features that were not possible with the old system.

Why do I see Buy Now icons next to some of the presentations?

The Buy Now icons are only visible when you are visiting the download center. This icon gives you the ability to purchase this individual program without subscribing to the full series. Most individual programs can be purchased on CD or by download.

Once you log into the download center, the Buy Now icons disappear. You already have full access to every program in the library and can download each program to listen to on your computer, burn to a CD, or save to your iPod or MP3 player. You never have to purchase individual programs if you are a subscriber.

What does “Featured Program” mean?

Each month a new presentation by a different national speaker is posted to the download center. At the beginning of each month, the currently featured program moves to the archives and a new presentation is posted. The program continuously provides new materials to help your company become more profitable.

What is a category?

All presentations are grouped by category. If the presentation is on managing your business, it will be placed in the category called Business Management. The downward-facing arrow next to category lists the eighteen (18) categories. All presentations are assigned to one of these categories.

What does author mean?

Clicking on the downward-facing arrow next to author will display the entire list of authors. Many authors have given more than one presentation. If you wish to view all presentations by an author, simply select an author’s name and click filter. All presentations by that specific author will appear.

What does Apply Filter mean?

Apply Filter allows you to easily search by category, author or both. Simply highlight the author and/or category you wish to search for and click apply. The system will then display only the presentations you requested.

How do I find information about a speaker?

You can get the contact information about any of the speakers featured in the download center by hovering over their name with your mouse. When you do this, a pop-up window will open and show you the speaker’s contact information, website and email address. Many speakers have provided additional information, which will also be available in this pop-up window.

The speaker information does not show up when I hover over their name. Now what?

Some web browsers prevent the pop-up window from displaying properly. If this happens, simply click on the speaker’s name and a new window will open with their contact information.

How do I listen to a presentation?

When you find presentation you want to listen to, simply click on the icon to the left of the presentation title. The presentation will start to play.

How do I download a presentation to my computer?

When you find the presentation you want to listen to, simply click on the icon to the left of the presentation title. The download center will automatically prompt you for the location to save the file on your computer’s hard drive.

How do I download a presentation directly to my iPod?

With iTunes ver. 9.0 or higher, Apple has included an “Automatically Add To iTunes” folder. This new feature of iTunes makes getting new presentations and music onto your iPod easier than ever. When you download presentations from the download center, simply save them in this folder. Each time you run iTunes, it automatically checks this folder for new content. Any new audio files saved to this folder will automatically be added to your iTunes library.

The “Automatically Add To iTunes” folder can be found in your iTunes Music folder. If you did not change the default location for the iTunes library on your computer, this folder will be found in your “../MyDocumets/My Music/iTunes Music” folder.

Need Help?

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